UJ Marian Smoluchowski Year 2017

Under the honorary patronage of the Rector of the Jagiellonian University, prof. Wojciech Nowak
Under the honorary patronage of the President of Kraków, prof. Jacek Majchrowski

Venue and Practical Information


Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow.


Speakers will be mostly located in the Sympozjum Hotel:

Sympozjum Hotel
ul. Kobierzyńska 47
30-363 Kraków

while participants mostly in the Piast Students' Hotel:

Hotel Studencki Piast
ul. Piastowska 47
30-067 Kraków

dormitory accomodation (dormitory room price is 30PLN per person per day)

Public transport

Public transportation in Cracow is safe, fast and relatively cheap. Below you can find some tips how to get to most important places. Please remember that you need a ticket to make a ride. Ticket machines can be found at many stops and in most vehicles (if there is no ticket machine in a vehicle the driver should sell you a ticket). Stationary machines accepts cash and credit cards. In vehicles some accepts only coins while others only cards. If the tariff table looks complicated use just a 60-minute ticket (5 PLN). It should cover most of one way trips in Cracow. The ticket must be punched once after first boarding immediately. You can change to another vehicles with that kind of ticket as long as it is valid (60 minutes from the punch). The vehicle must be one of Cracow public transport vehicles of course (all trams and most buses; they are mostly in blue-white and have displays with line numbers).
Going to or from the airport, please take into account that it is located outside the city boundary hence you need to buy a ticket for "Strefa I+II" (double zone). The price is the same (5 PLN), the look can be different.

From the Airport:From the Main Railway & Bus Station:

Public transport trip planner: Jak dojadę
With tis link you can install it on your mobile.


There is a lot of museums in Cracow. Here you can find some tips.


In many places in Cracow you can find free Internet access. In the Faculty buildings there is Eduroam active. If you have access to Eduroam in your institution, please check if it is properly installed and configured on your laptop before the trip. It can be not possible to configure it later.


During the school we are going to use a bunch of software. If you plan to use your own laptop it will be convenient to install it before.